Sunday, May 15, 2011

along the lines of unsaid words

nehhh. I know its been so long since I've blogged and that is soooo not me.
Have been a busy week and my baby laptop has been affected by virus. ARGH!
Yes.. so it's been unavailable to keep me company because it was being left at the hospital for a few days to be reprogrammed entirely.
Now my baby feels so foreign to me.    :(

Anyway, had our PA event last Monday.
Very worrying when people were not showing up for our forum.
And everything was being done so last minute.
But in the end, everything turned out fine.
Another sigh of relief.    :)

yay. awesome group picture. The chinese guy in the middle with his hand pointing up was the best amateur magician I've ever seen. hahaa. He seriously was damn amazing !

Moving on to that. Had kitchen class and exams here and there.
Nothing much to blog about. Life has been somewhat a little boring.
But mid terms are coming up and I have to go study now.   BOOO.....

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