Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mermaids and pigs

Hello people !
Just came back from Hoofed in Taman Tun.
And I swear their pork is shooo awesome !
Had drinks with Mr Patrick and Shawn the bartender regarding Monin Cup.
Desperately need a direction to move towards for researching.
Finally feeling excited and a good feeling is coming over.

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday and it was so frigging awesome.
Especially loves the part where the mermaid comes in. 
I am still so astounded by her beauty. It's like they were born to be mermaids.
AHHH ! So pretty.
It's to die for. 
I love the blonde haired one. 
She was the first mermaid to appear.
And she spoke with her sultry voice to the sailor.
And then she sang...
I wanna be a mermaid now.   :)
Well... until the part before the opened her mouth with the fangs.
It's like her jaw stretched out and her teeth grew.
That was pretty scary.

This girl was pretty too. 
Until she opened her mouth and hissed. 
hahaa. scary sial. 



The part where the christian boy fell in love with the carnivorous mermaid.

Till then !

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Anonymous said...

I wools like to think they lived happily together. After all, she DID forgive him. He just might connect back only to discover that he transformed for all we know.