Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You and your impudent boldness

Hello Hello Hello.

I hate my phone.
Yes I will rant about how pathetic and stubborn my phone is, making decisions on its own.
No I am not crazy.... yet.
Although the haze is definately getting to me.

Anyway, back to my impetuous phone.
It was always flashing the earth sign thingi at the top.
And so I dismissed it as some minor faulty problem.
But when I went to check my balance, it was stated there RM0.01 in bold.
Okayy, it wasn't actually in bold. But RM40 gone in a week.
IT'S PREPOSTEROUS!!!! and right now I feel like wringing someone's scrawny neck.
I wanna kill somebody.

bluudy hell.

Stupid flashing earth thingi-ma-ningi.
I'm broke now.
And I absolutely loath my phone.

So.... I will remain calm and not smash my phone to smithereens.


"I could pretend that the Swan girl was of no interest to me.
But that was the extent, just pretense and not reality."

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