Thursday, August 27, 2009

Da dee da da dumm

I'm feeling all mellow today.

I really miss Miss Beh's concert last year. I've bet everyone heard of this a thousand times before. But everyday for two whole months, I could only think of meeting my friends for practices. There are no worries, no sadness, just free. Okay, maybe we had to meet the deadline for souvenirs and ended up staying really late for the whole thing. But it was all worth it. And I absolutely love every moment of it. Its almost a year since then. I can't help smiling at all the stupid pictures taken then. Laughter everywhere, everday. Joy joy joy. :)

This is what life should be about. No, this is what a teenager's life should be about.

Physics tuition tonight. Tata.
I still try to stop feeling so lowly of myself. Nevertheless, I'm happy today.

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