Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This abhorence of abstaining.

My throat still hurts like hell after the long weeked. And I'm coming down with the flu now. Everyone's getting sick lately. It's definately the weather. It's always so dreary and I'm getting tired all the time. I'm so addicted to eating lozenges now I don't think I want to stop. It numbs the pain for a bit. But sometimes it hurts and it itches I just feel like dousing myself with lots of panadol. Please bear with the horse like voice for awhile. :) Want to get better soon.
Btw, happy seventeenth birthday wen dee. I hope you like the sunflowers. :)

The last of my torments, the most painful:
Bella's indifference.
As I ignored her, she ignored me.

I did't understand this emotion ― it was such a tangle of pain and rage and desire and despair.
I had never felt it before.
I was jealous.
Jealous because it was not me who was unlocking Bella's secret.
- edward cullen -

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