Friday, August 7, 2009


My my crazy friends.
TamTam and JengJeng.
Who are happily married couples looking at their photos.

I have so so so much to say.
And my fingers are feeling so sore now because of all the thank you wishes I have to type.
Facebook is a very dangerous thing...

First and foremost,
here comes my super uber loooong speech.

to all my friends that have wished me.
And even to my primary school friends.
And of course my classmates,
and even some from the other side as well.

to my ever crazy friends from siantan
who sticks together like glue.
But I guess thats what makes them special.

for all those lovely gifts you people have given me.

And... An even bigger thank you
to my sister.
Who has undoubtedly shown her unselfishness.
Because she has given me things I'd never expected
You presentsss have really overwhelmed me.
Showing how observant you have been to my words.
*and I am hugging my Fugi now as I type away*

I am probably building muscles typing all these.
But I hope its worth it.

Will write bout Mr Long tomorrow.
Although there's not much to write about.
He has left today, and it felt like a really grand wedding party.
Everyone came in to celebrate his leaving.
And of course we followed him up and down and out and in. Lol.
It was funny.

So that pretty much sums up my birthday.
But I am thankful. :)

I'm reading eclipse tonight.

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