Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ad Infinitum


Cough. cough.
Breathes in deeply.
Wake up.
Write notes.

That was what I have been doing for the past few days.
It's either the haze or something else.
I just can't seem to concentrate right.
Must be the drugs. I had one too many.
But I neeeeed them. :)

I'm so so tired all the time and exams are coming.
Owhh, I hate the people who is burning forests.

withing the flowing barley sighs
betoken the hurling abhor lies
besotted by the one who cries
an inexorable perdition that ties

doused by the illusory light
to obfuscate that wicked sight
oblivious to this waking night
and shudder away from soaring height

come away from the apple tree
bearing fruits which calls to thee
withered thought you might not see
this world holds out unto me

did this in a semi-conscious state. crazy ain't it. :)
will try to swallow less lozenges.

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