Friday, January 30, 2009

Perhaps it was just another kind of change

Hello People!
Gwen just came back yesterday from Penang.
And even managed to go to Yinky's house for some gambling. =)
Went to Shogun for dinner with cousins on Monday.
Their food is not bad, but I really love their tempura and sushi.
After Shogun, I'd probably never want to stuff another sushi down my throat anymore.

Left for Penang early in the morning on Tuesday.
Mum was driving the car.
And guess what I saw on my way there.
Mum was about to turn into the lane where it leads to the Penang bridge when a car suddenly cut across us and flew down the cliff.
Well, its a small cliff.
It was so scary. The car flew down and everyone stopped to see of anyone was hurt.
The driver who was a young malay lady grabbed her daughter and jumped out the car.
The daughter was so scared that she cried and couldn't stand on her feet.
Mum wanted to help but everyone started crowding the place as the guard called for help, so we just moved on.
It was damn scary.
If she would have drove a little faster then her car would hit us.
So anyway, nothing much later on.
Gambled at night with relatives and had good laughs.
Lost RM10..
Anyone willing to belanja me?
Lydz and her parents took me to a market nearby Batu Ferringhi.
The whole place was really awesome.
A lot of exotic stuff were sold there. Too bad I didn't have the time to really look around.
Some kind of white eel we saw.
Owh there was a mini lion dance performance by two kids.
Damn cute.
It wasn't formal or anything.
I guess they did it for laughs. But they were really good.

Me and Lydz
Audees Restaurant is not bad. They serve good food.
I really like the soft atmosphere inside.
Awesome interior design and background music.
Dad is in love with this place.
Good food and good music should come together.
One of my favourite food in Penang.
Pasembur ( rojak )

Pretty pretty Brettany

Yvonne and I played a little fireworks outside the house.

Today, tuitions resume as normal.
Its a new year already.
Have got to get working.
Party this Sunday. YAY!


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