Sunday, January 18, 2009

I can't sleep till you're next to me

I can't believe that I am currently stressing over malay aural test.

My favourite season is upon its arrival!! yay.
Theres not much different this year except that theres more homework to do. They're like standing outside the class room waiting, staring at you in the eye until you finish them.
Haih, so much for a more pleasant year.
We're definately going crazy, four years in this school, who wouldn't?
Since we're so shameless now. =) Cheers!

Gwen still insists on joining pom-pom, SPM or not.
She misses her cheer days eventhough there weren't much.
But she wouldnt let go of what she loves to do most.
A cheerleader at heart, forever.

Am I still THAT unwilling to let go?
To let go of those moments.
To just leave the old and let in the new.
Maybe I will just understand one day, how all this works.
Whether they were worth those wasted moments .
Wasted moments of silent whispers and quiet stares.

Eyeleshes are horrible and funny.. hahaa
I nearly died laughing at how "fluttery" they were.

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