Wednesday, January 7, 2009

School week #1

People, its the first week of school and we are being engulfed by homework already!!!
Save me?
Yes its SPM year. Be afraid, be very afraid.
I can't deny that I'm afraid I mean, its like what all the teachers have been saying the whole week. "SPM is the turning point of our lives"
Yea, that pretty much sums up on how important SPM is.

Sitting back at the same place, with the same person.

Well, Derrick has became the super mulkti-tasker. He's monitor, assistant monitor, secretary, bendahari, ketua keceriaan dan kebersihan......

Shouldn't we all be like him?? :)

Anyway, got to get going with homework...
See ya.

These old thoughts sealed beneath
To you these words I bequeth
The silence long gone taking nothing
And only these whispers softly pleasing

What is there still left to say
When words run dry and decay
These hours long past with silent vows
Puzzled with thoughts of answers how

How could it all still be the same
With possesions time has claim
How could it all still come true
When these wasted dreams weren't new

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