Saturday, January 3, 2009

A little different somewhere

Sorry people, especially Khei Qi and Wen Qi.
Thank you for telling everyone bout the change in time and day.
Thank you thank you.
And thanks Wen Qi for the grocery shopping.
You seriously have brilliant ideas on gifts. But don't tell anyone kayy. It will spoil the surprise.

Hello world.....
Bubbas and peeps,
School is officially reopening on the 5th of January which is exactly one day away.
No more fun, no more fooling around, no more screaming life is good (not that anyone has done that)..
I'll just hope that this year will be a better year.
Don't come down so hard on me.

A time that has come again, a change, a difference, a whole new beginning.
A different dream, a different goal, a different pain, a different future.
I thank those whom has changed me so much, and had taught me to live as I ought to from the very beginning.
Live and learn.
Learn from the past mistakes and those good things that have occurred frequently.
Be thankful and rejoice in this youth that has been bestowed upon us.
For there will be a time when life stops giving things and starts taking them away.
There has been so much that I've seen, pain, joy, friendships that were torned and repaired again.
The drifters will come back again, reunited by what has brought them together before.
New friends, new hopes, new love.
And all of them a different kind from before, along with them they bring another world that we have started to enter as we walk upon the world.

i have learned so much.
about the pain that i've never felt before.
those lost hopes and unforgiving times.
about those wee hours that i've spent mulling over my thoughts.
about the memories that made me shed tears.
but i have gone through so much, and without these memories, i wouldn't have hold on for so long.
i learned to be grateful for the times that i've spent with you.
and eventhough you've gone not knowing how much your absence leaves me in pain, i could still hold on, finding a new kind of strength that i have never felt before.
all and all, you have shown me a world that i did not have the courage to enter before. though i might have this anger that had left me so unclear, and unsure about everything.
my impetous self had taken its punishment.
but i've learned, and now, i will know how to live better. thank you.

a new change,
a new resolution,
a new dream,
a new hope,
a new friend,
a new love,
a new difference,
a new experience,
a new pain,
a new memory,
a new future,
a new beginning.

Love withers with predictability; its very essence is surprise and amazement.
To make love a prisoner of the mundane is to take its passion and lose it forever.

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