Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Went out

Sunday night, went to Daniel's church for a concert. I went with Yinky....lol. She made me waited there for nearly one hour.....Did soo quite slot of people that I have seen in school before. I even saw sue zen with ming yao. They probably didn't see me eventhough I walked by them...I am a human you know...not see through. The games and food part was crazy..it was sooo crowded I had no idea what was actually going on...and it was soooo hot in there..haha but no one took off their clothes thats a definate.lol....We entered the auditorium at about 7 or maybe even later......half the night just went on like that. A women ...Juwita Suwito ( I think ) sang and her voice was really awesome ( a-w-e-s-o-m-e awesome awesome totally ) Then this guy told a story about some people...though forgive me because I didn't really hear what he was saying..All I know that it was always about GOD and believing in him and ourselves..lol....Did the most outrageous thing that night, I took off my jacket and wore a singlet the whole night. I know its very normal but not to me, cause I never reveal too much...met juat lee and mel and yong ying and rachel and steph...it was soooooo crowded...lol. me and yinky stood there didn't know what on earth was going on. But the concert was quite a blast. Yinky is like the love crowds kind of person, but not me. I thought that she was going with me but ended up with many more other people. I didn't really know them but yinky does. Felt abit lonely though but besides that, I had fun.... :)

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