Friday, November 9, 2007


Went out to 1u with ai ni and wenyi today...... watched stardust. The show was awesome and it was full of suspense and a tad bit of humour just the way I liked it.......After the show... we walked around like drunken Well we have no choice but to do that because....we have nothing better to do...haha.swt. Anyway, ai ni had to go back at 4.30 because of her funny mom. I am serious..... then we met juat lee and yinky and her guy Wasn't sure of his name though because yinky was like mumbling about something...all I heard was kent...SORRY!!!!
blame yinky though...haha.

Played bowling, and as usual I suck at doubt... Yinky went for her drum lessons half way....Don't know what she did later cause when the bowling game was over, her friend went to buy something and me and wenyi had to go home...juat lee left already... Yinky was probably all alone..

And when I came home... my sister said some really rude things and my mom got angry and started lecturing....(though some people say its nagging)
Now the most frustrating thing is I can't get my phone settings right...urgh!!!!!
What a tiring day for an average teen like me...HAHAHA

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