Wednesday, November 7, 2007

God is great

I have a secret really but I don't think anyone would believe me. I couldn't even believe it myself...I am serious..But well I would rather keep it to

Yesterday, went 1U with mum and sis to uy cluedo..well not meny people play it but I find it very amusing...haha. I am soooo bored and I am waiting to go somewhere..Went to KDU on monday for some hospitality, tourism and culinary arts thingi....It was quite fun. Still dreading to go to 1U though.

No one has actually visited my blog yet... its boring???
Maybe I sooo agree but what can I say..I am only 15 and I can say I am very sociable person. I can get shy you know...jeez. I can't believe I said that... Thats why I can't party like sue zen or ming yao... No friends to go with or even not invited....haih...I dont even look pretty at all. What can I say, at least I still look like a human...right??

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yeongshen said...

Hi....yay!Am I the first person to comment you?Ntg much to say though...Anyway,nice to meet you!