Tuesday, February 10, 2015

an end

Finally went to see Dr Alice today at Mid Valley for my stitch up. Am so glad to almost finally closing a chapter of this horror story. When my eye completely heals can I then, put this all behind me and look better into the future.

But first things first, I want to advise you young people, yes I said advise (I am getting old) on thinking carefully when going for aesthetic surgery. It may not be surgical, but just because a knife isn't involve doesn't mean the dangers aren't there.

I urge everyone to please do lots of research into the clinic and the profile of the doctor that is performing the procedure on you.

Is he/she well experienced?
Have they faced any complications before?
If so, how was it then resolved?
How is the procedure conducted?
How long will it last?
The type of thread used?
The sewing method employed by the doctor?

Have them thoroughly explain the procedure to you and don't just think that he/she is a doctor and have done this many times over means you can fully trust the doctor. You must understand, your body is of your own. Your final outlook and your pain will be fully your own and not the doctor's.

I am not trying to bad mouth the doctor who did my eyelid. I understand that she does not mean to cause any harm onto me. But in my opinion, the way she handled the complication was not very professional at all. Three weeks of intense burning pain, lack of sleep and deteriorating self-esteem can be very unpleasant.

With this very painful experience, I could only recommend a trusted doctor who has completely saved my life and restored my sight, and most importantly, stopped the pain. Though not many people know, ISEC (international specialist eye centre) in Mid Valley is not a clinic that only specializes in eyes but also aesthetic surgery. Your eyes are more sensitive compared to any other part of your body. One small mistake would lead to vision lost forever, and nothing can change that.

Your eyelid is close to your eyes and having a proper oculopastic surgeon is the best way possible. Dr Alice fully understood the situation as she is also an opthalmologist that practices oculoplasty. If there were any complications at all as no one is perfect, she would be able to help. Dr Alice was fully committed to helping me with my situation until I felt safe and confident again.

Today even, she was able to stitch my eye whilst trying to adapt to the shape of my other eye that was stitched by another doctor. Every doctor's stitching method is different and it can be very difficult to achieve the similar look as the other eye.

I didn't really want to expose myself to public on my eyelid surgery, but I felt others should know what are the complications that can happen if the procedure was not done properly.

 On the right as a picture of my swollen eye during the first week the pain started. Part of my face was swollen because of the persistent pain that was haunting me.
This picture on the right is where I was entering my third week of pain. The swelling was so bad from the inside my lash line was not downwards as it should be. This was the most I could open my eyes during that time.

I had to bandage my eye for 5 days and went to and fro from the doctor's clinic for 8 days in a row so the doctor could fully monitor the healing of the cornea abrasion and to ensure that there is not infection that could lead to complications.

Had to constantly drip several different eye drops and different eye ointment every hour at one point to prevent infection. Painkillers during that time was my best friend. But even the strongest of painkillers weren't enough to subdue the pain and had to resort to anesthetic eye drops to ease the pain.

 Pictures of the Dr Alice's waiting area. 

Waiting patiently for Dr. Alice to stitch back my swollen eye.

I could tell that the clinic was strict in maintaining cleanliness as I had to wear these medical robes and hairnet just to undergo a small surgery. 

This experience was completely different from the other doctor's place that I went to.

Dr Alice do provide other aesthetic services if interested.
She can be contacted through making an appointment at ISEC +603 2284 8989
The clinic is located at Level 7, Centrepoint South, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City.
She has an instagram (@dralicegoh) account on other patients that have undergone her BB eye treatment and other customised surgery.

I was not in any way requested to promote Dr Alice. I just felt this is the least I could do for her as she has helped me immensely when going through the whole situation. She sacrificed time on both her off days just to see me and to monitor my progress and I am very grateful to her.

On a side note, for almost the same amount of money charged for an eyelid suture procedure, wouldn't it have been better to have an oculaplastic surgeon do it for you?
Think twice because the amount of money spent on this surgery is still not worth your pain. Do your research !

I will then update when my eyes are fully healed.
Till then, take care !


Ravenna said...

How much does it cost for eyelid surgery at dr alice goh?

Gwendoline Too said...

it's about rm4xxx depending on your eyeshape.