Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A new start


Happy New Year peeps !

It's officially the the 7th day or chinese new year.
Took a trip back to Penang with half the family (dad had to take care of the house) on the first day till the third.

Pretty much spent the entire three days eating and gambling and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating....
Well yeah, you get the drift.

Barely posted any ootds because the weather was unbearably hot and I just couldn't be bothered to pose and take pictures in the heat. Back at my grandma's place, everyone was fighting to be within the stand fan's "peripheral view".

Me and my sister and the cousins.

Steamboat !

A very awkward wefie accompanied with a short video or all the *older* people singing and the rest of us either staring blankly at the camera or attempting to grab food whilst everyone is busy.

The only one who seems to be truly celebrating Chinese New Year traditions.
                           My ahyee, who seems to be making a lot of people getting broke.  


                                   What would chinese new year be without  proper lou sang.

Have yet to update on my fully healed eye.
It's still swollen but I can't stand wearing glasses anymore.
Till then !

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