Thursday, April 5, 2012

some advice

To you,

You're young and there's so much about the world that you don't understand.

You get mad at every single tiny thing and then you blame the world for how it has happened to you. You're young and you've already started swearing like an adult who is trying to keep his family together all the while working so hard to earn the money that keeps his family alive.

You complain about the littlest things and you think like the whole world has a grudge against you when it is you who has placed the guilt on yourself. You're young and you can't take the comparison given. You may be who you are, but what harm could come upon you if you'd just make some small changes to improve yourself to your own benefit. People do not hate you. What makes you think of it that way?

Getting angry all the time is so tiring. And it hurts yourself, and it also hurts others. Even if you're being selfish, is being sad what you want? People are different from you, and not everything goes your way. The world does not revolve around you only. The world doesn't even revolve around the most powerful man on earth !

There's so much to learn out there. And there's so much to take in. So why can't you open up your heart and try to see things from a different perspective instead of your own only. Look through other's eyes, walk through other's shoes. Try to stop and listen.
Maybe you'd taste the deliciousness of the coffee instead of staring at the ugly cup.

Learn to grow up. There is so much more to worry about. You're still young and getting reprimanded at doesn't mean the whole world is ending. It just means the pain you feel after falling down, so just get up again.

Learn to take responsibilities and learn to care. Learn to understand how much other's have sacrificed for you. Learn to be more open, more caring and have more faith in other people. You'd see that deep down, there's just so much misunderstanding.

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