Sunday, April 1, 2012

Les Palmes !

 whats been going on these few days,

I'm officially a very very VERY proud student of Taylor's

my mumma is as lovable as always !

The Marc Combes Award for Top student.
That trophy was shit heavy !

What I've been eating for lunch during examination week.
Shihlin = extremely delicious stress food



Darling went shopping for me.
Got a extremely creamy eyeshadow at Sasa.
For RM10 !

much loves.

My kitchen and accomodation and upselling was pretty much screwed up during the exam.
I had kitchen exam on Wednesday and results were announced on Thursday. 

I swear at about 4 that Thursday afternoon, I was a bunch of nerves. 
I was gripping darling's hand and shivering.
Tears were welling up in my eyes, and everything was a blur. 
Each name called out was a shock to me and I was so so scared I didn't the cut.
I thought I told myself that I wouldn't aim that high.
Truth is, there was a goal set in me already. And I wouldn't settle for anything lower than that.

Anyways, after the names for Very Honourable Pass was called, my "family" was already screaming in our seats, and standing up to hug each other in tears. 
We were ever so proud of ourselves, crying and hugging each other with pride. 

I swear, that day couldn't get any better. 

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