Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost my sense of direction

So what has everyone been up to?

Have been running around the whole day from centrepoint to damansara and then to ikea.

So many things to be done, but can't be done all at the same time.
That annoys me the most.
I'm looking for answers to these worries on my mind and I can't do that without meeting her.

I can't believe I have to wait until tomorrow.
And I can't believe that you did it behind my back.
I'd always have this bad feeling it wouldn't work out.
In the end it didn't.

And THAT is a sad fact. But it's okay I guess.
I'm more than just rambling to myself. Not completely sure with what I'm saying.  I hope everything works out right.
You want your future with someone else, it's fine with me.

picture of the completed bracelet.
A Mermaid's Dream                                                

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