Thursday, April 5, 2012

Post graduation updates


Yes !
I finally watched The Hunger Games.
I love the story line and the acting but the filming was terrible.
Had a massive headache and I was constantly trying to prevent myself from puking.
Didn't understand what made me so dizzy but they way the film was showing especially all those fighting parts, it made me feel like vomiting.

I felt so uncomfortable the whole time.
Love the show, but I won't be watching the next one.

Everyone has been raving about Team Peeta & Katniss, which in short became PeeNiss.    
But I am all about Team Katniss & Gale.
I will be watching Avengers soon !

So my days have been pretty much filled with on outing after another. 
And I did my hair.   :)
Dad is still pretty much contemplating on whether I deserve the iphone.
Have been in and out of kl for almost 3 times in 5 days now.
I seriously need  break.
Feels weird not attending college like the usual.

My movie marathon is still on.
So many more movies to catch up on.

I have a new idol, the actress for Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games!
Read articles about her regarding her weight and her "chubbyness" but she refuses to care.
Am proud for someone like her to stand up against the anorexic images that people seem to notice.
She is strong and beautiful.
and she is absolutely perfect.
Josh Hutcherson needs to grow a wee bit taller.

Till then !

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