Monday, January 11, 2010

I saw you at a bus stop today and I smiled.

Today was well... let's put it this way. Interesting.
Sitting the bus definitely has its many advantages. :)
A car isn't necessary at all.
All hail the ever amazing bus.

But here's how my adventures start today:

Arrived at 1u at 6.45 in the morning. Ready to board the rapidkl bus at 1u.
Paid driver money and sat down .
Wenyi had problem pronouncing canada.

Approximately 45 minutes later, got down bus on jalan semantan opposite help college.
Walked across the bridge to the other rapidkl bus stand.
Saw a certain someone familiar heading to help on bus too!

Waited at stand for 45 minutes, at the point of going berserk.
We even called rapidkl to ask if the bus was coming today.

Got up bus after the insanely long wait, and the constant stares by the people with cars.
Paid the driver and stood at the door.
Got really squished and had to stand at door because bus was full.
Wenyi had to get up and down the bus so that passengers could get down the bus.

Reached somewhere in hartamas.
Panic because we don't know where to stop.
Saw Hartamas shopping mall and immediately got down.

Went looking for Taylors after we went to the washroom. :)
Toured up and down Taylors and went to shopping mall for breakfast.
The only shop opened then was a market.

After being starved in the bus for 2 loooooong hours, grabbed maggi me in cup and went to hunt for hot water.
Had to spend 12 bucks for a cup of coffee to get hot water.
Caramel coffee in Coffee Bean was nice. :)
Sneaked out the cafe but still within the premises, we hid in one corner to eat maggi mee.
Had to sneakily eat the maggi cause we're afraid we might get shooed.

Ate our fill and walked to bus stop to wait for bus.
Bus came and driver shooed us out because he was going for his break.

Walked back to shopping centre and walked round aimlessly.
Shops were still closed. It was boring.
Walked the entire mall 3 times. THREE TIMES
Went back to bus stop and waited for driver.

Driver was kind enough to signal us to get on the bus at the opposite end of the road.
Almost got killed by flying cars.

Paid driver, sat down and got back to jalan semantan.
Walked over the bridge again and waited for bus to go back.

Finally reached 1u at bout 12 something and went to watch movie.
Sherlock Holmes was awesome by the way.

Ate a truck load of stuff.
And finally went home. :)


wenyi said...

you punya story amat ringkas tau.I can spell canada!!! something was wrong with meee!(:

PinZ said...

do you know you can sit the bus to kl sentral and get the other bus from there ? cuz kl sentral is lk the bus hub for both the busses u need to reach hartamas xD and if u get on bus there it wont be so pack xD