Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have just came out of 3 days of college.
Am barely alive now... no, just kidding.

First day was freakin scary.
I was lonely and scared out of my life.
Everything was new and different... and cold. hahaa...

Anyway, things start to settle down and I've made new friends.
So life is as it should be now. Exams are coming up soon!

Accounts is boring. As the lecturers have put it.
Econs was weird. The teacher has a very ineteresting voice. :)
Legal studies was okay. Except the part where the lecturer was a little fierce.
We get to play court and talk about gay marriages in Australia.
English is gonna be tough. Enough said.
Maths... So much for running away from add maths in high school. =(

So that's about sums it up.
By the way, if you want her number... stop being a sissy and just ask her for it.
I don't understand the infatuation you have for her.
And I never will.
You can keep your horse face to yourself!

1 comment:

wenyi said...

whose number????haha!love the horse face line mann!(: