Wednesday, November 13, 2013

another few words

i know i'm a little too late in saying this, but now is better than never. if i push this any further, i won't feel the need to write it down anymore. however, i do feel that i owe you this. just these few words.

thank you.
thank you for loving me. for taking care of me. for holding me.

it's two years too late to tell you this. the past does not seem to matter so much anymore as you are in a much happier place. she's beautiful and she's kind, and you deserve all that you have given. somehow, i'm glad you gave up on me. i'm glad that you've decided to move on so quickly

i'm sorry i gave up on you too quickly. i was just not ready to commit. the idea scared me, the thought of it frightened me so much i ran away. courage was not my best character when it comes to being all that you want me to be. i just can't. what you needed was more than i could give. it was much more than i could ever bear upon myself.

you've moved on. and i did too. and i hope the future shines brighter for you, as it will for me. 

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