Monday, January 5, 2015


I laughing at myself at how ironic my title is. As if people aren't sick of seeing 2015 "new years resolution-ish" posts already.

It's been ages since I've really sat down to type. Probably counting the last time I've types more than two sentences was when I was still preparing my dissertation and research papers. 

So, let's get boogie to it. 

Not much of a new year/christmas celebration kind of person. The last month passed by quickly and quietly. Besides heading back o my hometown for a short vacation, and to see my grandmother. AND also to complete the most important task; eating. Yes I am unashamed because all I did was eat eat and eat. So my exercise routine then pretty much went out the window. Regardless, my tongue and my stomach was in a very very happy place. 

After my vacation, I went for a change. Not a change as in attire wise or living habits, or even personal traits kind of change. It was a typical appearance change. I loved it and yes it was quite painful but I loved it all the same and everything else I went through was worth it. I am excited to embrace the new year with a new job and I hope more exciting things are yet to come. 

Finally, I get to be home to celebrate chinese new year, which of course still remains my favourite holiday. well... you know why. I hope to see my friends soon when they come back as our countdown to our reunion starts. 

So, my new years resolution? NONE.

Except that I will probably work harder, and shop less if that is even humanely possible. Exercise more because well... I want to constantly create better versions of myself. I hope to cope better with people calling me fat as it seems that until I look like a lamp pole, people's mouths will still spout poison. As with everyone else wishes, I look forward to the coming year with hope and grace. 

Until then my loves.

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