Thursday, December 13, 2007

you know sometimes i get lonely

What can be any worse than someone reading your lame frustrated today, I am sooo freakin bored and will be leaving for harbin next Wednesday...hohoho
I can't wait but to think about the waiting at the airport...puuhhh

Dad has left for Bangkok this morning and I didn't even realise it...You know why...
haha cuz I had a realllllly bad stomach ache yesterday night...Went to bed while my maid was massaging my back...woot woot 3 cheers for cambodian massage...oooh la la

Watched e zhuo ju zi wen again...I just love it all over....soooo romantic..haha what luck...
More random thoughts of mine is coming up again and I bet you are gonna yawn this very minute....true my life can be such a bore sometimes...ohhhh welll XD

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