Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am BACKKKK!!!!

Came back from penang just last Monday!! had fun and didnt wish to go home...
We arrived somewhere noon and had lunch.. I drank umbra taste really good.

We stopped by my mum's older sister's house..she babysits..The baby was soooooo cute... She is called ying ying..the other one cried when we arrived...poor thing... :)

Then went back to Grandma's kampung bungalow and gambled there. we got bored so played with the air-cond on...whoopeeee!!!! We dont usually get to on the air

At night...peng peng my cousin came and took us out for a ride...We saw a carnival but it was raining so we didn't get to go...sob....sob

We had mcflurry..s on the way happieeee

We went to Bukit bendera the next was soooo freakin full of stinkin indians...ewwww

they kept talking and the younger ones were screaming...omg!!! I was gettin sooooo racist....

urgh..I could hardly move in the cable was really really cousin was gettin a headache...I much prefer the way down...I get to sit...which was unbelieveble!!!! hohoh

When we were up there...we could see the clouds was breathtaking. My ahyee, sister

and me had henna tatooo...sooo sexy

Later we went to the ke lok si temple.....the shops there sell wonderfulllll

really really cheap and nice stuff..though that place would be a little gross...Still tired and sore from cheer practice....will just post some pictures now.... :)

turtles....lots and lotsssss of them

My cousin's cute..BRETTANY!!!!!! Big eyes

Gurney shopping cute cristmas decorations,......oooh soo pretty

delicious mai ya tang...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


little alvin.....awwwww

Big BIG huge christmas tree outside gurney plaza....beautiful
We topped by Gurney drive to enjoy the sea breeze at was beautiful..people were blowing bubbles everywhere and flying little kites...cute


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