Saturday, December 29, 2007

continue pictures

can you believe all those are cute...haha lol
cousin laughing in the bus

The russian st.sophia church...beautiful...

Its pattern on the walls were scraped off by soldiers during the war.....sad ain't it
skiing at funour cery own

The ice world in was wonderful...

we loved the loooooooooong ice slide, but my butt did haha

We even sat on a roller coaster and my sis were screaming like mad while my cousin was laughing like a crazy maniac...haha lol

That day was christmas eve, we celebrated someone's

he had to wear a crown....and get to eat a big birthday cake...sob sob

we saw an event called winter in underpants went swimming under frozen

cold like crazy and i meant old man...haha

Snow wonderland....actually all these are man made

Created for snow COOL

tiger world...haha..kind of weird rite..

These are the precious northern tigers.....

My compact sexy lol

On a street outside our hotel...shopped for russian dolls and pressies for friends along the way..

It was crowded like crazy because of christmass...

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