Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year's resolution

since everyone's making new year's resolutions. Maybe I should start making some too.
Though I can't guarantee I'll stick to it.

1. Be happy. 


And stop harping on all the small details that makes everything so ruined.
Nothing goes the way we want it to all the time.
Focus more on the bigger picture and look beyond those small things.
Nothing is big unless we make them be.


2. Be confident. 
I can swear all my life I've been having this main issue.
It's what gets me down and stops me from achieving a 110%
I am going to change that this year. And it will not be a problem to me anymore.
Maybe then I won't be so blind to all the amazing things I can do.

3. Appreciate my friends.
2011 has been a tough year for me especially when it comes to this topic.
But through all these, I've really opened my eyes to see who is good and who is not.
I know the people I should appreciate more and the people I shouldn't bother.
Sometimes you don't have to look so far. There are people waiting quietly by your side.
Friends will never make you sad, and they will look past your flaws.

4. Appreciate my family. 
My last term is going to be busy. And I will spend my last year here.
I need to spend more time with them and learn to spoil them a little bit more.
They are my family after all.

5. Take good care of myself. 
With confident issues comes with self image issues.
I know I never like the way I am and so I pig out on depression or sometimes don't eat at all.
It's not really good for me.
But I need to regulate my body and keep it fit and healthy.
Need to concentrate on my dance classes.     :)

6. Appreciate all that I have. 
Love everything around you. You are blessed.
I need to tell myself that.
I need to stop chasing after every single "IN" thing on the market.
I have more than what I need.
And I should share that.
Maybe I need to do more charity work.


Hopefully I'll stick to them.     :)
And end up with ticks at the end of each mission. 

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