Friday, January 27, 2012

Diamonds diamonds diamonds

I am finally back from my seemingly long trip from Penang. 
Speaking of Penang, the land of good food, I barely ate due to the long string of activities. 
Arrived on the first day and slept the whole afternoon while waiting for the reunion dinner at night. 
Or more like a firework gathering party. 

Had an out-of-the-blue lucky draw on the second day for all the granddaughters. 
We had to queue up to pick an ang pau with a number for a mysterious prize. 
Left us girls wondering whats with the random lucky draw. 
So I got number 6. 
Then everyone hopped into their car to drive by my grandmother's house to claim their prize. 

Apparently she bought each of us a diamond pendant. 
Each number has a different value of pendant and design. 
Laughed like mad when we compared each other's pendant. 

So guess what ?

I got the simplest, most UNcomplicated design. 
But it was also the most expensive and has the most number of diamonds on it. 
20 friggin diamonds. I think I died and gone to heaven.   :)

Pictures will be up soon. 
When I manage to get some rest first. 

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