Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smile through your fear and sorrow

To you:
You are such an ass. You don't treat people like that just because they are annoying.
You are a self-centered, selfish, narcisstic, egotistical maniac. Just because you don't wanna cooperate doesn't give you the privilege to yell at her. All she was trying was to get the class to get together all the time. If you don't like it, thats fine. But that doesn't mean you are privileged to do whatever you want. Typical idiot, so predictable in everything you do. Your ways are beyond tolerable, and I would not stand any of this. And of you dare scream at me, trust me I'll cut your balls off. Literally. So just get on with your happy, jumpy little ego-istic games. Not every person have to look like that girl, so you could talk to her and be nice. So much for staring at wrapping papers. Are you so content with just looking at the wrapping paper ? Or is that just to feed your ego. Its getting fatter mind you. Better watch out before it silently combusts one of these days.
From me. :)

Was laughing so hard today. Didn't know that one person could actually laugh that hard.
Classmate wore my pink jacket today.
I sweared that there was not one person who didn't stare at him when he walked by.
LOL. screwed up accounts. Legal exam tomorrow. Tataa.
Happy Valentines Day.
And.... Happy birthday Meng Pei. Hope you hav fun celebrating your 18th. :) Love you !

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