Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maybe this time, I'll be lucky. Maybe this time he'll stay

Rock climbing was was awesome yo!! You people should seriously considering trying it.
Went out with cousins to shah alam. Scarrryyy place.
And we and the most interesting conversation ever.
Me Sis Cousin
I like bush babies, they're so cute.
I saw yesterday.
How does yesterday look like?
Yesterday look like today.
What about tomorrow?
Today look like tomorrow???
So yesterday, today and tomorrow look alike?
Are they triplets?
Then everyday lehh??
Okay la, quadruplets.
But you left out other day.
Are they all like the same sex or something?
I'm not quite sure.
How bout sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday.....
Why got so many one????
Haiyo, they all gay mahh.

Lol. This is what happens when you eat too much McDonalds. :)
Accounts mock test tomorrow. And legal test on Thursday.
Happy Chinese New Year people.

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