Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sure as the dawn brings the sunrise

I am really really addicted to watching barbie shows.
Yes, I know.
My inner childishness is resurfacing. Though I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not.
Graduation day is next friday. So soon already?? Yes it's that soon.

And there'll only be 21 days to SPM.

I can't help but thinking about it all over again.
Although it seems that I have almost moved on.

Stubborn aren't I??

It's always the same words over and over again.
The grief coated words... like reruns, playing and repeating again and again.

So many things have happened and I don't know how my heart could hold on to all this.
The only solace I could find, was to be amazed at how much I could take.

Sometimes, the pain would be too harsh on me.
And I could be so sick of crying.

But there is nothing else I cold do.

But to hold on, and wait for the light of the day.

I would not complain. For I could not bear to burden anyone else.

This rock is mine to carry.
Eventhough it tires me too often at times.

I know, or I just keep telling myself.
I will be there to see the light of day.

I still cannot shake your face off my mind.
Your absence is one I could not take.

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