Thursday, February 24, 2011

i fight for what i think is right

This is for the Karen I love so much. 
Who was strong and insistent on everything she does.
And I hope you continue to be strong for yourself, and the rest who needs you.

Have chosen to work on my off day.
Why? I have no idea too.
I guess I'd rather spend my day working with people than stay home and rot, ALONE.
alone alone alone. 
The one good thing about being at work is that I don't have to be alone. 

The silence drifts me off to painful memories.
Places I no longer want to visit anymore. 
But recently, life has been like high school all over again.
Only when I'd realized she was coming to work with me in the same section.
I guess that feeling never goes away.
How the people here treat me like I don't exist, but they fight to speak to her.
The fact that I'm here to learn makes it all the while more difficult.
No one ha the time to teach me. 
But they have all the time for her.
Beauty isn't everything. What you fight for is.
And I'm going to fight. Whether you stand in my way or not. 

So much to cope. So much to deal with.
But I know I can do more than I am capable of. 
So fight on I will.    :)

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