Monday, December 28, 2009

Embrace this new light that was darkness

Watched Cirque Du Freak;the vampire's assistant yeaterday with the usual people.
Was an awesome show. Really.
Though the main character kind of bugged me a little with his nasal voice.
The perfect action/comedy. Will not work as a film critic...
I love purple smoke and purple contacts!!!

Brace yourselves people for a whole new life.

Went to Taylor's Hartamas campus today to register.
Honestly, the nerves weren't doing any good to me.
Anyway, had talk sessions with the counsellor about my future and yada yada yada.
And finally, I'm in. Hahaa. I almost had a really big laugh about it.

Dropped by 1u for a little leisure walk.
I am friggin scared next year. Anyone save me?

I am a taylor's student now. I wonder how good that really sounds. :)

"Each pathway is a different door taken that leads to a whole new different world"

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