Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've stopped blogging since. *omg i don't know when*
and THAT is a crime.

have been busy with exams, and events, and stuff.
all preparing to head to england.

So here's a recent update by pictures to what I've been up to.
Went Mist Club during their mafia themed Saturday night with the famous five (including me)
Went crazy and had fun until they closed.
Then went off to have loklok. I love their fried mushrooms !!

When I came back at 5 in the morning. I took a bath and got ready by 6 to attend my niece's talent competition in KL.
I was a true living zombie then.
I was so mad tired I could barely entertain my niece and nephew who were crazy active.

Then, prepared for my ielts exam which was held last saturday.
I hope I passed the required marks or I would have to sit for it again.
The exam was difficult and it was cold, and I could barely right without hurting my fingers.

Lousy stationary was being provided.
The pencil was halfway breaking during the exam.

Had weekly movie night with the family and cousin's family at shah alam.
Dined in at a expensive fusion restaurant where I had bolognese spaghetti served with a load of smelly cheese. 
Dad was stuffing himself at the buffet area. 
But he was happy. 

They had a car pimping competition and these were the trophies being given out.
There were so many categories like lights, sound and whatnot. 

Went over to shah alam again the next day to look at the progress of the new house.
I love the fact that my room has a purple wall, and it's going to have built-ins with shades of lilac.

All these then lead up to my birthday which is today.
Went to the bank to settle some documents for the visa application. 
Mom decided to sponsor half of my watch as a birthday gift.

Sister bought me a mango pudding cake from free mori !

Yums !

Till then.   :)

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