Saturday, March 10, 2012

Major finals

 Two different looks derived from my current fav blouse.
Workin both looks with different monogram colours.

Anyway, what has everyone been up to lately.
I am days away from my important finals and days away from graduating. 
Have been relentlessly procrastinating in every way possible.
Which is bad.

Can't wait to be graduating soon, and finally moving on to a new life somewhere else.
Am suddenly filled with a sense of longing, but I know what I want.
And I know what I have to do.
I'm afraid of the future, and I try not to think about it.
But I know I can't escape it.
Studying is what distracts me now.
It takes away the pain of thinking about the future.

I'm trying to busy myself, so I don't have to remember the short time that I have.
The short two weeks of whats left.
I want to finally say good bye to all those heartaches.
And finally move on to something better. 

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