Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fast like formula one

okay. Here's my update after a non stop week of work work work.
and fun too.  :)

Beginning with Thursday night, which was our first service class for the term.
It was total havoc. No kidding.
Ivan was actually kind enough to bring some of his friends over as my guest and I didn't have to worry about who to serve.
Dev booked 16 people. and of course, that night was an extremely full house.

AT classes were right before our service class and everything felt like so last minute.

Anyways, rushed through the service and went back home at about 11 something.
Next morning had to wake up early at 6 to get to college and walk through theory classes which were so boring. Almost fell asleep and everyone looked like living zombies.

everyone is crazy about a 5kg worth of imported gummy candy.  :)

On Saturday, had to wake up at 5.30 a.m. to reach school for the formula one job.
Worked through the day until 10 something that night.
By the time I reached home it was almost 12.
Then the next morning was the same routine again.
It was like a total lack of sleep for the past few days.

And I feel like shit now.

Have been dozing off now and then during classes these few days which is so unlike me.

And I need my sleep.    :)

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